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Growing use of this technique in medical offices. Skin stimulated by application of light waves at the heart of the skin. The light waves reach the mitochondria to become transformed into energy (ATP), which is directly usable by the cells. Each wavelength resolves a skin problem. For example, red light enables deep-down rejuvenation into the very dermis.

Skin is reenergized from within Deep-down and long-lasting cutaneous stimulation.

All cell functions are rebooted:

  • increase in the production of collagen and elastin,
  • increase in the number of fibroblasts,
  • reorganization of the skin’s support fibers.








Genuine facial exercising routine based on medical research.

Application to the face of a sensor delivering a very pleasant, electronically created freeze effectby the Pelter method. The freeze effect promotes the penetration of SKIN PERFUSION serums which are developed in a gelled texture to interact with the bio-stimulating cold temperatures.



  • smoothes,
  • retightens facial features,
  • revives radiance,
  • diminishes signs of fatigue.

Rapid drop in temperature is immediately followed by a shift in the freeze effect which moves to the deeper skin layers thereby improving the penetration of active principles via a pumping effect. Activation of cutaneous microcirculation and optimization of cellular metabolism.


  • anti wrinkles treatment
  • radiant treatment
  • firming treatment
  • Cryolift treatment

NEW ON OFFER – Lumenis LightSheer


Lumenis has been the worldwide leader in cosmetic laser hair removal systems since the 1960s. After years of extensive research devoted to development of safe, easy to use and capable of delivering permanent results, finally, diode Lightsheer laser was engineered. Its advanced high-power diode technology has set new standard for removal of unwanted hair.

Lightsheer ET is by far the most effective hair removal laser and a golden standard in its field.

dermaOXY® – oxygen infusion



The treatment involves pressing active anti-aging serum deep into the skin to revitalise deep layers of skin by means of oxygen.
It is a revolutionary method of skin rejuvenation, hydration on cellular level and reduction of wrinkles, protected by patent in Denmark.

DermaOXY is a synergic combination of two technologies:

  • introduction of highly concentrated active nutrients (serum) by means of oxygen
  • therapy with pure oxygen, properly concentrated and compressed

First effects can be seen immediately after the treatment. Skin is visibly rejuvenated, emanates health and vitality. The treatment is the non-invasive, cosmetic and painless alternative to BOTOX. Spectacular effects can be achieved by highly concentrated active nutrients such as:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • snake venom extract (pseudo Botox)
  • peptides
  • antioxidants
  • vitamins and minerals
  • algae extract

Effects of DermaOXY® face, neck and neckline treatment:

  • wrinkles are filled
  • deep hydration on cellular level
  • skin around eyes is smoothened
  • fuller lips
  • improved structure, tension and elasticity of skin
  • improved face contour
  • vitality and youthful appearance
  • brighter and healthy skin

Treatment duration:
- DermaOXY® face ca 1 hour
- DermaOXY® face, neck and neckline ca 90 minutes


COFFEE – intensive slimming, detox and anticellulite treatment

Highly active treatment, focused on slimming and cellulite reduction. The line is enriched with a unique PEPHA®-active complex, that is unicellular algae extract of Dunaliella Salina, which stimulates the mitochondria to produce ATP. The effect is to increase the amount of energy in the cells, accelerate regeneration and delay ageing processes and increase skin luminosity. After energizing coffee treatment it becomes visibly tensed, rejuvenated and glowing.
Treatment effects stimulation, slimming, cellulite reduction, metabolism stimulation.

duration: 90 min.

S.O.S. body treatment for dry skin

Treatment perfect for dry and sensitive skin, allergic skin, skin prone to scaling and skin requiring strengthening. It abounds in B vitamins, fatty acids and triglycerides, which help maintain the proper pH of skin and to remove lifeless skin. The contained casein is very easily absorbed by skin and provides moisture. Lactic acid stimulates cell renewal and softens the skin. Goat’s milk proteins stimulate the production of collagen, providing skin firmness and resilience. Furthermore dairy peptides form a protective film on skin and eliminate irritation, lactoferrin neutralises free radicals, acting anti-ageing.

Effects: S.O.S. for dry skin, soothes, regenerate, nutritious, reduces irritation, rescue for irritation and sunburn.

duration: 90 min.