LightSheer Laser

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Lumenis has been the worldwide leader in cosmetic laser hair removal systems since the 1960s. After years of extensive research devoted to development of safe, easy to use and capable of delivering permanent results, finally, diode Lightsheer laser was engineered. Its advanced high-power diode technology has set new standard for removal of unwanted hair.

Lightsheer ET is by far the most effective hair removal laser and a golden standard in its field.


Permanent hair removal is significantly less effective with an IPL type of equipment as compared to LIGHTSHEER laser.
The treatment must be repeated a number of times and customers frequently complain of discomfort and local skin burns, even despite using cooling or numbing creams. LIGHTSHEER laser uses a unique cooling system where the patented ChillTip hand piece that actively cools before, during and after treatment and allows for a larger number of hairs damaged (over 9 square mm surface) during a single application to skin.

principle of operation

In principle, LIGHTSHEER diode laser destroys hair with laser light that burns the cells responsible for hair growth (present in the follicle), thus preventing hair regeneration and slowing re-growth.

treatment effectiveness

After one treatment, the amount of hair removed permanently (where matrix cells are damaged) ranges between 30{c6434a8241f0c298963493390d223b5d02e5a0c4378d7515a24294e6bcc80dd9} and 40{c6434a8241f0c298963493390d223b5d02e5a0c4378d7515a24294e6bcc80dd9}.

That will vary depending on the skin area treated, i.e. it could be 30{c6434a8241f0c298963493390d223b5d02e5a0c4378d7515a24294e6bcc80dd9} on the back, whereas on the arm it is only 16{c6434a8241f0c298963493390d223b5d02e5a0c4378d7515a24294e6bcc80dd9}, as only so much hair is in hair growth phase suitable for removal treatment. The treatment should be repeated only after the hair that had not been removed (follicle remained undamaged) were allowed to regenerate long enough to create hair stem. The follow-up treatment will usually happen 3 to 4 weeks after the initial procedure. If the hair regeneration process happens faster (e.g. on the arms) the follow-up treatment should take place accordingly. Tests have shown that for temporary hair loss (lasting 1 to 3 months) one
treatment is sufficient. The number of treatment sessions required for permanent effect varies from customer to customer and very much depends on the body area the hair is removed from. In most cases 2 to 5 treatments will be required.


Proper cooling of the skin is extremely important during permanent hair removal procedure as skin itself is often rich in pigment
which, like in a hair, absorbs laser energy and becomes warm. Therefore cooling must be effective to maintain the right skin
temperature throughout the treatment and prevent burns. Such proper cooling will also have numbing effect, rendering the treatment
practically painless.

before treatment

Prior to the first treatment a test (trial exposure) of a small area will be performed to decide on the best equipment settings for the actual treatment. Preparation also includes clean shaving or using depilatory cream shortly before the LHR treatment but do not wax, tweeze or use any other mechanical means as the LHR requires a hair to be present in the follicle. Emla numbing cream can be used on skin surface during the procedure, but it is only elected by extremely sensitive Customers who are few.
Skin must be clean and free from any creams or similar substances. Any skin problems like eczema, scratches, irritation etc. must be healed before treatment to prevent temporary discolouration.

Contraindications for LHR therapy

Identified contraindications are:

  • pregnancy
  • fresh tan
  • retinol cream (must be ceased 1 month before scheduled LHR treatment)
  • medications increasing sensitivity to light (retinoids)
  • herbs (John’s wort, marigold must be ceased 2-3 weeks before scheduled LHR treatment)
  • waxing or tweezing hair removals should be ceased 1 month before scheduled LHR treatment)
  • medical conditions like: albinism, psoriasis
  • peelings (must be ceased 1 week before scheduled LHR treatment)